You have contemplated taking eyelash extensions training, but big names and big prices may have intimidated you. This training is for you if you have a passion for eyelashes and want to get the training necessary to take your career to the next level!

TEMPTING LASHES is independently owned and operated by a seasoned eyelash extensions stylist that has been trained in the art since the mid 2000s, and has lashed well over 1000 clients to date! Promotion of any specific brand is not what we are about, which many of the big name companies do. Do not be deceived by big names! They have the huge money marketing machines and PR firms backing them to promote their names to big magazines, television programs and celebrity stylists so that their brand recognition flows to the masses. They also have individuals that pay thousands for over-exorbitant training and outdated products, sign exclusivity agreements to purchase ONLY from them, and NOT to use or promote other brands. This is bondage and you are an independent stylist!

Our goal is to get you trained in the art of eyelash extensions. It is NOT our desire for you to become our clients that we continuously market and promote expensive products for you to buy, so that we can continue to profit. Our profit is in having licensed professionals offer the service at the costs they should, so that they may succeed and become profitable themselves! Our profit is also in having the public educated on what this process entails, and the true value in what they are paying. The art of eyelash extensions is NOT an easy task. Because of the depth of knowledge that is earned, as well as the skill needed to master the technique, this service should be paid for and you should be paid well! The products we use are among the best quality in the industry. Tempting Lashes will offer continued support and help you in your journey to becoming a seasoned eyelash extensions stylist. What really is necessary to begin your journey is a passion for lashes, steady hands and eyes, patience, and practice practice practice!  The training is to the point, and broken down for one to understand and truly grasp the essentials in doing the services well!

Our Training Includes:

  • Classic Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions
  • A Kit (to work with and practice for up to 50 sets of lashes)
  • Certification Certificate upon completion

Qualifications for training:

  • Licensed Cosmetologists (if you are in SC)
  • Licensed Estheticians (if you are in SC)
  • Students of Cosmetology and/or Esthetics (in SC)
  • In other states, it is up to the student to find out the necessary qualifications, some states do not regulate beauty services.

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