Life in the World of Business has not been easy, but it has been worth it! The anointing I have been blessed with to be a blessing to others through the world of beauty business entrepreneurship has truly been amazing. I have been an entrepreneur since 2006 and since that time, have had the opportunity to leave a line of work I was not passionate about, and build a business that has given others amazing opportunities.

Beauty truly is in the Eye of the Beholder, so you must look in the mirror and Behold Yourself! I have learned over the years that I may not fit into society's molds of conventional beauty because I do not look like a “model”. But I have allowed my God to mold me into the greatest person He says I am, and because I am learning to accept who He created me to be, that Beauty shines through no matter how I may be feeling!

Success truly is not a destination, but it is a journey. Life will have many ebbs and flows, ups and downs, but it is important to learn to enjoy your life along the way. If you trust and believe that your steps are ordered, then you have to learn to enjoy life because you will only experience the day you are in once in your lifetime! Take time to enjoy yourself every . single . day!

We are not on this Earth to pass through, but to make a difference so that it is a better place for those who come after us. I have learned in life that no matter the situations that I encounter, for the good, the bad or the ugly, it was not about it. It was to help someone else. Having the blessing to inspire others is truly what my mission as the Minister Of Beauty is all about. Inspiration is like showering, we must do it on a daily basis. Like Phyllis Diller said, a smile is a curve that makes everything straight!

Life has it's rainstorms, so you might as well learn to dance in the rain, right?! I have experienced many storms and low moments in my life. But I know that those hard experiences have allowed me to be strengthened into the woman that I am today, and no matter what I encounter, I know that my faith is allowing me to overcome them all.

Becoming a mother at the age of fifteen and celebrating being a mother for my sweet sixteen a week later was definitely not what I planned for my life! But I was determined that it was not going to dictate how I spent the rest of my life. Suffering through postpartum depression (that I didn't even know I had but I now know it was what I dealt with) and coming out on the other side allowed me to get clear about some decisions I needed to make in order to have the kind of life I never had and that I wanted to have my child experience.

I began working in the legal field, which truly was a blessing, while I was finishing the twelfth grade, and from there I worked in that field for twelve years. The legal field was a good experience, but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So in my research in education, I decided I wanted to do the very OPPOSITE of the legal field. I wanted to bring joy to others while obtaining the same thing. And of course some money, because the bible does say money answers all things (Ecclesiastes 10:19) Growing up we never had much money, so there was lot left unanswered.

I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006, and continued my education in eyelash extensions specialty certifications and became a Licensed Esthetician. I began my beauty business officially in 2008 and hit the ground running and I haven't stopped since! Since that time my business has grown from being a solo practitioner, to having multiple locations, being featured on local news outlets, and featured on a popular beauty business podcast. I have helped to cultivate numbers of women to go after their dreams and visions, to grow and succeed, and have started my own podcast, the Being Beautifully Honest Podcast to help anyone under the sound of my voice to never give up, to operate with integrity in business, and to share my viewpoint on the good the bad and the ugly parts of the beauty industry.

Elizabeth L. Jennings

💫Beauty Business CEO & Strategist/Minister of Beauty Transforming Lives in the Business of Beauty & Inspiring the Uninspired💫 Click for more info


Who cares if they get tired of hearing you speak faith? Keep moving your lips. Faith speaks! #sunday #believe #faith #staystrong #keepgoing #staypositive

It doesn’t matter if you’re born on the wrong side of the tracks, your journey in life is the path YOU choose. Enjoy the journey! 💃🏾 #life #business #success #ambition #friday #modelmindset #melanin

Yasss!!! Blessings in biz is what it is all about and what I’m giving 🙌🏾💯 #business #monday #wakeupandmakeup #beautybusiness #businessowner #womeninbusiness #ceo #teach

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Minister of Beauty

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